CBD Helped My Chronic Lower Back Pain


I have had a chronic lower back issue for about a decade and a half and been unable to find any relief for it outside of ice packs or some stretching and movement exercises because of my allergies to traditional pain relievers. I had long been dubious about cannabis usage, particularly as a medicine, but my chronic pain issues coupled with allergies to traditional NSAID pain relievers prompted me to give it a whirl anyway. I had never even tried marijuana before until I met and married my current wife, I was well into my forties at that point, but because she was into weed, recreationally, and had been for most of her adult life, I decided that I wanted to share that with her. I found out through smoking ganja in leaf-form that there was indeed some significant efficacy to its use and that the claims I had heard about and seen online about pain and inflammation relief were factual! So, a couple of years back, I got myself a Michigan medical marijuana patient’s card and, about a year or so ago, I tried a CBD vape pen and really liked the ease of dosing and quickness of relief I experienced. It really was a revelation for me! This past winter, I tried CBD pills and they also gave me fairly quick and long-lasting relief from discomfort and painful swelling! I have blessedly found that cannabinoids do help me without any adverse reactions – particularly hives and sometimes even a constricted airway – that NSAIDs brought about! This is how I went from being a skeptic to a convert to a very vocal advocate for marijuana usage and even industrial usage of the related hemp plant!

The versatility of cannabis plants is astounding to me! I have been intrigued by my own experiences and so I have invested considerable time into learning as much as I could about CBD, THC, marijuana and hemp. It is my understanding that hemp can be processed into paper products, textiles, plastics, used in construction and it is a source of CBD, so hemp has medicinal value, too! Both marijuana and hemp can be used to extract pure CBD from; the difference, I believe, is that the presence of a significant amount of THC is lacking in hemp. Marijuana and pure CBD isolated can be utilized in a number of forms from smokable (or vapor-able) to edible to topical, and I have investigated the various forms by frequenting local dispensaries and I have found that they all have their advantages for different people. For instance, I get more out of CBD pills but my wife prefers topical CBD cream; the variety of ways that cannabidiol can be utilized and the ease of self-dosing is great, it makes it so useful! Recently, we have tried RSO oil – similar to CBD oil but with other potent cannabinoids, like THC – and it and CBD really have become vital linchpins in our day-to-day life; my wife gets a lot of relief for her arthritis and perimenopause aches and pains and it makes my backpain and side issues much more bearable and hence our life together altogether more pleasant!

It is easy to advocate for something that has made a profoundly good impact in your life and CBD and marijuana products have done that and so I do testify to that whenever possible! When you hear about and read about a substance that helps everyone from cancer patients to PTSD sufferers to chronic pain sufferers like myself, and then to actually experience healing from CBD personally is pretty miraculous! There is some anxiety and depression that go hand-in-hand with chronic pain and CBD works on those things too, at least I know that I feel like I have much less worry and less despondency when using CBD regularly! There is a comradery that I have experienced among other CBD users – and weed users, too – because we all believe in this stuff because we know how well it works for us!

Whenever you see a medicine ad on television or pick up a prescription at the pharmacy, there’s always a long list of warnings, complications and side-effects and with CBD there isn’t any of that, at least nothing life-threatening! So, CBD has been a boon for a chronic pain sufferers like myself – unable to take NSAID pain relievers – and it has been a life-changing one, reducing my pain and inflammation and helping me to improve my outlook! It is readily available and useable in many forms that can be used externally or taken internally. CBD treats a wide variety of emotional, mental and physical conditions and it’s pretty easy to find a form that works well for you and that you can easily dose. And there are really no adverse side-effects! I wouldn’t recommend it unless I knew that it was an effective medicine, But CBD is and I do swear by it!

-Nicholas B.

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