CBD Oil: Can it Treat Depression and Anxiety?


With the hum of CBD oil talk becoming more common, there have been multiple suggestions as to its potential health benefits, as well as its ability to treat certain health problems. With millions of people suffering from depression and anxiety, many have become curious about the benefits of utilizing CBD oil for treatment.

CBD oil is a cannabinoid, a chemical that naturally occurs in marijuana and hemp plants, but does not cause the same ‘high’ feeling that most associate with the marijuana plant. The CBD oil business is picking up; keep reading to find out why!

Why CBD Oil?

The public’s interest in natural health treatments has become more widespread, and that could be the cause of the rise of popularity with CBD oil.

People are fed-up with taking antidepressants and benzodiazepines that bring unwanted side-effects and build-up a tolerance in the body, causing them to become dependent on the drugs for regular function in daily life.

With more and more people experiencing negative side-effects from the traditional medicinal treatment of depression and anxiety, they are searching for alternative, healthier treatments.

Those that are looking for a natural treatment for anxiety and depression should not be deterred by CBD oil even though it is derived from the marijuana plant, as it does not give you that ‘high’ feeling that is caused by THC. You will not experience the mind-altering effects either, just its health benefits.

People have started sharing their testimonies regarding its ability to treat seizures, cancer and other ailments. There has also seemed to be a spike in the suggestions that CBD oil treats mental health problems such as depression and anxiety.

How Does CBD Oil Treat Depression and Anxiety?

Low serotonin levels have been examined in people suffering from anxiety and depression. It has been suggested that CBD oil effects levels of serotonin in your brain, which is a chemical that regulates mood. Your body already naturally has cannabinoid receptors, so CBD oil can be very effective when used for treatment.

In addition to that, it has been discussed that CBD oil targets the same area in your brain as prescription medications. Meaning that it can be just as effective, but healthier and less damaging to your body’s natural processes than traditional medicines.

There have been many findings that connect CBD oil with improvements in anxiety and depression-like symptoms. Scientists have suggested that CBD oil can encourage the production of neurons in your brain (neurogenesis), and this improved brain activity is believed to improve mood and brain function of those suffering.

Although there is still some research to be done, there are many personal success stories of people treating their depression and anxiety with CBD oil.

How To Use CBD Oil for Depression and Anxiety

There are a few precautions and steps to take when using CBD oil.

Firstly, when treating depression and anxiety with CBD oil, you must ensure that you are using high quality CBD oil. If you aren’t buying from reliable sources, chances are your CBD oil is not the real deal. Many companies try to sell imitation CBD oil, therefore it is ineffective for treatment, a waste of your money and possibly dangerous to your health.

It is also important to confirm that your CBD oil does not contain THC, as its mind-altering effects can cause you to become paranoid, thus worsening anxiety and a depressive state. Always ensure that you are doing your research before using CBD oil as your natural treatment of choice.

There are many methods for intaking CBD oil, and you should experiment to find the one that works best for you. Start with a low dose, and increase as you go along in your journey. It is all about finding a method that works for you when it comes to dosage and frequency of usage.

Final Thoughts

Depression and anxiety are something that many people suffer from, and you should not hesitate in seeking treatment. CBD oil offers you a natural and healthy path towards relief, and will provide you with long-term, non-addictive results.

When used correctly, CBD oil could be the answer you have been looking for. Don’t wait to get yours, this could be the answer you have been looking for!

Thanks for reading!

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