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http://cbdoilpodcast.com – It was testimonials like this that convinced me to give Hempworx CBD oil by My Daily Choice a try. All these folks couldn’t possibly be lying could they? I didn’t think so either. When you decide to give CBD Oil a try yourself, go with one that’s proven to work. HempWorx by My Daily Choice.

Today’s testimonial is from Karin in Las Vegas, NV

I have spinal and Sciatica nerve pain, Nerve conduction tests showed that I have severe nerve damage, which has also given me carpal tunnel and sciatica down to my foot 24/7. I’ve had numerous injections, Physical therapy, I was put on 800 mg 4 times a day of gabapentin, I had every side effect it offered. Next I was put on cymbalta ,It also came with some nasty side effects I felt so nervous that I thought my head was going to explode. I received little or no relief from these 2 horrible drugs. My pain management doctor suggested CBD oil, I did my research and ordered from this company that has pure CBD oil, Zero THC. Within 8 days of taking drops twice A-day my depression an anxiety were gone. My hands and feet were numb and tingling thatq went away, the pain went down to a to 2 from an 8. I’ve been taking the CBD oil drops for 6 weeks, I have not felt this good in 20 years, best decision I ever made.

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