CBD Oil & Running Performance!

Let me start by saying that I’m not a professional runner by any stretch of the imagination. As a previous article here indicates, I’m probably considered more a body builder than runner. I even competed in a few natural bodybuilding shows in the past. I just basically like to run as the cardio portion of training.

I won’t even get into the science of how CBD oil effects your endocannabinoid system. Actually, the endocannabinoid system wasn’t even discovered until 1992. So, this is why CBD is just now becoming so popular. Anyway, like I said I will stay away from the science and stick with what works, what don’t and my own personal physical and emotional experiences.

The reason I started looking into CBD oil is because basically it seemed as though any and everybody I knew was talking about it. Then, I stumbled across a Facebook group that was dedicated solely to CBD testimonials. Incidentally, that group has been growing by around 1000 Facebookers per day. Some of the testimonials are almost unbelievable, but all of them are pretty positive in nature. CBD oil appears to be helping people with everything from skin conditions to cancer. You name it… CBD oil seems to be helping it.

I’m pretty skeptical when it comes to supplements because I’ve tried enough of them over the years that simply did not work. However, after you’ve read enough of these testimonials you begin to realize that over 21,000 people couldn’t possibly be lying could they? I had to try this stuff myself and find out first hand how well it really works.

I chose the CBD oil from the company Hempworx because that’s where the testimonial people were getting it from. There are cheaper sources, but then again I’ve seen way more expensive sources too.

After only a few days of 10 drops 500 hempworx CBD oil twice daily my wife and I were feeling the positive effects. Mainly more and better sleep and less aches and pains. Now, it’s been two weeks since I’ve been taking hempworx CBD oil and I’ve also advanced to 10 drops twice daily of the 750 strength. Oh, and we went with the peppermint this time too. My wife likes the peppermint. Makes no difference to me. As far as suppliments go my theory has always been, if it tastes bad, it HAS to be good for you. LOL.

In the past I’ve had knee pain to a point where I had to get off the blacktop. I would run on the shoulder off the road in the gravel with tape around my patella’s to alleviate the pain and give my joints a chance to recuperate (a trick I learned from a much younger runner with same symptoms).

If you have knee problems, get off the blacktop! Just run off to the side of the road in the gravel for however long it takes for the pain to subside. Sometimes days and sometimes weeks. All depends on the extent of damage. At first I thought the problem had something to do with the fact I’m not getting any younger. Then, I discovered a high school neighbor girl who participated in track had the same problem. So, so much for the age theory huh?

About 3 miles into my run I had energy like I’ve never had before. This was weird because I ran a long run yesterday. Normally, at this point I would feel exhaustion setting in. Then, I started thinking about my knees and realized all I had was one little tweak in one knee. And to my own udder amazement I had the ability to kick it into high gear when normally at this point in my run I’m exhausted. Shortly after putting my run into second gear, I realized NO MORE PAIN!!! I can’t remember ever feeling this good running.

The really amazing part is I’ve been told by others that most don’t even feel the full effect of CBD oil until after 3-4 weeks. It’s only been a couple weeks for me. Wow I’m a believer. So far, so good.

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No statements in this article have been evaluated by the US Food & Drug Administration. No products in this article are intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Basically any and everything I say here should NOT be taken as medical advice. I personally feel that if you give the body what it
needs and craves it is perfectly capable of healing itself naturally.

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