How CBD Helped My Anxiety, Depression, and Panic Attacks


For years I have been plagued by anxiety, depression, and panic attacks. 2016-17 brought challenges and obstacles I never expected to face in my life. There were times when I had no idea how I could move forward in life. After facing a rough end to a long-term relationship, I trained for six months to join the military only for that opportunity to fall through. I was losing sleep, depressed, and the panic was setting in. While facing a brick wall in my career, personal life, and finances I needed to find ways to persevere. I never expected the answer to be so simple: Cannabis.

When I was growing up D.A.R.E. lectures were a regular occurrence in my school. Drug Abuse Resistance Education had taught me that marijuana was bad; A gateway drug that would lead me into a life of crime and addiction. This was an impression that stayed with me until recently. I saw an ad on a website for CBD vape juice. At the time I had no idea what CBD was, but I did have an electronic cigarette that I used regularly. I clicked the ad out of curiosity. When I found out that it was an extract from cannabis I almost clicked away. I thought to myself that there was no way it was legal here in my home state of Texas. After some thorough research I had learned that cannabidiol was legal in Texas. It was also linked to a reduction of anxiety and could improve sleep habits. This was enough to buy me in. I made my first purchase of an additive to mix with vape juice. I had only bought a very small amount just in case it did not work.

When the box came in the mail I was excited but skeptical. Could this really help me? Something that comes from a plant? A plant that is illegal in my state? I set all my skepticism aside and added the murky, thick liquid to my regular vape juice. After several drags I did not feel a thing. My research had told me that cannabidiol would not get me high, but I still wondered if I would feel something. I moved on with my daily agenda. It wasn’t until I was brushing my teeth before bed, thinking about my day that I realized I had been in a much better mood that day than usual. I didn’t feel panicky or anxious. My regular activities had felt less tedious and I had more positive thoughts about almost everything. I took a few more drags and then, still skeptical, I laid down to sleep wondering if maybe my life would get better. Normally I would turn everything in my bedroom off; the T.V., my phone, all the lights and I would still just lay there with my mind racing for sometimes hours. That night within a few minutes, I was out cold.

I woke up the next morning feeling more rested and refreshed than I had felt in years. I was shocked. Cannabis changed my life. I spent the next few weeks using the CBD oil on a regular basis. I even purchased more. This time I purchased a e-liquid that was already infused with cannabidiol and at a higher dosage. In the last month that I have been using CBD I have noticed many changes. My muscles ached less after long runs, my mindset was much more positive, and I have been sleeping like a newborn baby. I feel less dreadful about the mundane things in life. Now, I face anxiety triggers with no fear. I wake up every morning feeling ready to face the day and I no longer have the aches and pains I used to experience.

When I thought my life was in disrepair and I would have to rebuild from the ground up just to get a grip, I took a chance on cannabidiol and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I never expected that a chemical such as cannabidiol could make such a huge difference for me. I would recommend CBD to anyone who suffers from depression or anxiety, insomnia, or frequent aches and pains. In my opinion, it was well worth the price I paid for it. Not only did it improve my quality of life, but it made me feel like a better person. Anxiety and depression had controlled me for most of my adult life and CBD set me free.

Natalie B.

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